The Right to Remember, for Veronica Brown (May We Be Wrong)

Veronica Rose, child born to Christina Maldonado and Dusten Brown and

shuttled back and forth between families more often than Christmas fruitcake

People say we don’t have the right to care about you

that our tears are




that we are wrong for our emotions and responses

people say to us

“Shame on you!”

not understanding

fourteen or twenty-four or forty-four years later, you will be us

and our shame will be yours

People “know” what adoption means, until they are the ones faced with loss

not the ghost child of their infertile dreams

but the flesh and blood of those who bore them

you will reach for what was lost to you

People say your life will be wonderful and that you should be grateful

that you are a very lucky little girl to be cherished by adoptive parents who want you more than anything in the world

Please, God in heaven, may they be right

May our tears be useless, senseless fancies of a saddened generation

whose sorrows will never be visited on others

May your life be joy

May you be a shining light

May we all be wrong

for your sake

we pray

Matt and Melanie Capobianco, please prove us wrong.

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