An open letter to Colin Kaepernick, from a fellow adoptee

Dear Colin,

You don’t know me, have never heard of me, and will never met me. I considered finding your mailing address with the 49ers to send this directly to you, but I thought you might discard it as yet another piece of hate mail.

I may still try to send you this by regular mail, but for now I’ll put it into the great social media landscape.

As a fellow adoptee, I support you.

As a fellow adoptee, I believe you.

As a fellow adoptee, I am enraged at how you have been treated.

As far as I can tell, you have never publicly said one word against the woman who gave birth to you. You have not shamed her, criticized her, or said anything negative. From the little information I can read, you did ask her for information about the man whose genes you share, and she refused to give you that information. Still refuses, to this day.

And yet, she feels entitled to take to Twitter and publicly shame you for actions you have taken as an independent adult.

I’m baffled and dismayed at the level of vitriol people have spewed at you for exercising your constitutional right for nonviolent protest, but these are people with no connection to you.

To have the woman who brought you into this world attempt to shame you in public when you have not made any attempts to bring her into the spotlight (and therefore your actions have zero impact on her) is unimaginable.

Yes, you were adopted. No, that does not insulate you from racism. No, being wealthy does not make you white. You have the right to speak up about oppression, brutality, and disparity.

That people would use your adopted status to silence you is troubling because I, too, am adopted. Unlike you, I was adopted from another country. That means I face anti-immigrant backlash as well as racism. But I have watched famous adoptees from my birth country paraded in the media, and I have seen the way perfect strangers feel entitled to judge.

As an adult adoptee of color, you have faced racial micro aggressions more times than you can count. Wealth insulates you from some but not all.

And at the end of the day, it’s your story. Your life. Your conscience.

If your conscience tells you to kneel instead of stand for the anthem, it is your constitutional right. We need intelligent, articulate, and conscience-oriented adult adoptees to highlight the racial injustices in our society. You took a very brave action and are paying an extremely high price.

I have read that you are a Christian and that the tattoos are of Bible verses. I hope you can find comfort in reading Luke 6:22.

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